måndag 6 oktober 2014

My internship in The Nordic Taste & Flavour Center

Time goes so fast ! It's been already one month that I am here, and I am happy to write an article in this blog to introduce myself. I am sorry that it won't be in Swedish since I don't know it so well yet !

To start :
Bonjour !
My name is Mauve, I am a french student and I am studying Food Industry in an engineering school in Nancy (ENSAIA), where I am doing a Food Formulation specialization.
The school gives us the great opportunity to do a gap year between our second and third year, and so I decided to take this chance to do an internship in SIK and more precisely in the Nordic Taste & Flavour Center, and also to discover Gothenburg.

And it was obviously the right choice to do !
I arrived in Gothenburg at the end of August wich gave me time to discover this beautiful city !
And the 1st of September was my first day at SIK. At first sight I already had a good impression and people were very welcoming : Lotta, Karin (my supervisor), Britt and every other people from the Sensory & Flavour Department that I met during my first Fika in Sweden ! I didn't know anything about it when I came here, but I think that I will try to introduce this idea in France when I'll come back !

After that it was time to work a little ! So Karin explained me what I will working on until the end of January.
I have to search about other organisations, or projects, in the world that would be similar to the Nordic Taste & Flavour Center, and to know what are there main focus and how do they work ?
An other interesting work is about gastronomic regions. It is good to know how it works and what already exists in this sector, in the aim to understand the possible development of gastronomic regions in Sweden.
And finally I have to choose the food product that I want, and compare the food habits of Swedish and French consumers for it.
Therefore, interesting work in perspective, that I started one month ago, already ! It is really beneficial for me because it permits to learn a lot about different subjects.
So, I am enjoying both work and life in Gothenburg ! And I am really glad of this great opportunity !

I will give back the blog to Karin,
Au revoir !

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  1. Bienvenue en Suède Mauve! Later on it'll be interesting to read or see what you find out during your internship at SIK. //Ulrika at Skolmatsakademin