fredag 23 januari 2015


Thank you Mauve!

Mauve is preforming as a christmas
gift during the Swedish "Luciatåg".
A new experience for her! :)
This was the last week for Mauve, the French trainee that has done her internship for Nordic Taste & Flavour Centre. She started the 1st of September and it feels like yesterday, time really flies...

Mauve has done a great work! Among other things she has written two reports that are very intresting and that will be of good help for Nordtaste. One report was about gastronomic regions in Sweden and what has been done so far. The other report was a mapping of organizations, associations and institutes around the world that are focusing on taste and flavour in some way.  This will be a good help for us finding new contacts regarding intresting and new research.

During next week, the two reports will be published on Nordtastes homepage,

So once again, thank you very much Mauve. It has been very nice to have you here! Good luck in the future!

Best wishes from Nordic Taste & Flavour Centre and the other colleagues at SP Food and Bioscience

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  1. Thank you for these nice article and picture ;)
    It has been great to be a part of Nordic Taste & Flavour Centre and SP Food and Bioscience, for several months, where I have learn a lot ! I have spent a really nice time and I hope that I will see you again soon !